Red Deer scrap metals

Red Deer Scrap Metals  is your one-stop source for complete scrap metal recycling in Red Deer. We understand that natural resources is limited, the renewal and preservation of global environment are important for every one. Our professional employee will make sure all of the metals and coppers that we buy at your best offer are safely and responsibly handled. We’re an eco-friendly scrap metal recycling center  which works hard to protect our environment.

Red Deer Scrap Metals has made a firm commitment to Red Deer community  about the benefits of metal recycling, which include saving energy, conserving natural resources and adding employment opportunities to our community. Contact our team today.

We Buy Red Deer Scrap Metal
Red Deer Scrap Metals is proud to offer clients an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint with our scrap metal purchasing program. We buy Red Deer scrap metal, including the following:

Stainless steel
Cast iron
Red and yellow brass
Recyclable lead-acid batteries
Nickel alloys

Red Deer metals understands that customers have a choice for scrap metal recycling center, but we provide best services and best scrap metal price in Red Deer.  Because we focus on scrap metals , so we hope to build friendships and long-term alliances.


Safety Is Key

General Recycling is strongly committed to following industry-leading health, safety, and environment practices. We work with dangerous materials every single day, which is why we strictly adhere to all of our safety protocols and carefully train every worker we have. Our employees trust us to maintain a safe working environment, just like Alberta residents trust us to help clean up the environment. We take both responsibilities very seriously.

Our staff is trained in first aid, dangerous goods handling, and hazardous material recognition.

Red Deer Metals